2000: Cultural diversity in/and the Dutch theater dance

On April 15, 2000, an afternoon seminar was held entitled “Cultural Diversity in/and Dutch Theatrical Dance.” Anna Aalten (Amsterdam University) gave an introduction to the theme “Cultural Diversity in Dance.” Jeroen Fabius (School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam; School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling, SNDO) spoke about “Bill T. Jones and Shobana Jeyasingh.” Moos van den Broek (Programming, Muiderpoort Theatre, Amsterdam) spoke about the intercultural festival of duets “It Takes 2.” Glenn van der Hoff (choreographer, founder and artistic director of the former dance company Djazzex) shared his experiences pertaining to the theme.
Translated by: Marc Arentsen

1999: Staged Bodies

On October 15, 1999, a seminar about the body and the theatre arts was held at Antwerp University in Belgium under the title “Staged Bodies.” This seminar was primarily an initiave of the Aisthesis Centre for Body and Language, in cooperation with the Flemish-Dutch forum for Theatre Sciences. Since VDO had conceived to organize a seminar around the same theme, the board suggested to investigate the possibility of a collaboration between the two organizations, which consequently was pursued and realized.
Translated by: Marc Arentsen

1999: Dance and New Media

An afternoon seminar about “Dance & New Media” was held in September 1999. Appropriately, the afternoon started with the presentation of the VDO web site by Frits Naerebout. Scott delaHunta then gave a lecture on the question how the process of creating dance will be influenced in the future by the new possibilities of information technology. His presentation was followed by a lecture by Chiel Kattenbelt about the influence of digital technology on theatre and dance.
Translated by: Marc Arentsen

1998: Two days conference, several themes and subjects including dance dramaturgy

1998 was the year of the great international conference VDO organized together with the Netherlands Theatre Institute, on April 17 and 18. The full proceedings were published by the Netherlands Theatre Institute. In addition to the conference, two day-long seminars were held. On the first of these, Esther Bokkers presented her scientific research of the effects of Dutch performing arts policy on the functioning of several modern dance companies. Raphaël Akopian-Schupp spoke about the problems that occurred in translating the work of the British dance scientist Valerie Preston-Dunlop. The year was concluded by a very lively afternoon dedicated to dance dramaturgy. Karin Thijssen who, as part of her study of Theatre Sciences, wrote a manual of dance dramaturgy named “Bewegende vragen” (“Moving Questions”), gave an introduction. A dialogue with dance dramaturgists Jacqueline Algera and Fransine van der Putt, as well as with choreographers Harijono Roebana, Andrea Leine and Anelie David followed.
Translated by: Dorothee Wortelboer, editted by: Marc Arentsen

1997: Divers subjects

In 1997, four lectures were presented during VDO afternoon seminars. Elly van der Jagt spoke about “The Internationalization of Dutch Dance;” Saskia Besuyen talked about her research on public policy with regard to dance education in the Netherlands and in England; Marloeke van der Vlugt presented “A Body in Space”, about Schlemmer, Kouwenhoven and their relationship with postmodern dance; Eileen Hilbrands presented a policy analysis related to the demise of dance company Reflex (A review of Hilbrands’ thesis on Reflex can be found on this site).
Translated by: Marc Arentsen

1996: Divers subjects

During the seminar in 1996 a historical study on the influence of Parisian boulevard theatres on the ballet in Amsterdam in the last century was presented. It had been authored by Hans Uitman and published with financial support from VDO. Guest speaker Saskia Kersenboom shared how she utilizes CD-interactive [sic] in her research on Indian dance.
Translated by: Marc Arentsen

1995: Analyzing dance performances

In 1995 the Association organized a seminar around the theme “Analyzing Dance Performances.” Liesbeth Wildschut, Vera Bergman and Wieneke van Breukelen each presented their own analytic method. The transcripts of these lectures can be found in the 1995 VDO Bulletin. Earlier that same year Frits Naerebout spoke about his research on dance in the ancient Greek world, particularly with regard to the extent that ancient Greek decorative vase art can be used as dance-historical source material. On the same day, Anna Aalten gave a lecture about anthropological research in academic dance under the title “Feminity as Performance,” which was also included in the 1995 VDO Bulletin. Later that year VDO organized a meeting about “Dance and Music” under the auspices of the Holland Dance Festival. Stephanie Jordan of the Roehampton Institute in London was invited as a foreign guest speaker.
Translated by: Marc Arentsen

1993-1994: Dance and science/Dance studies

In 1993 and 1994 two general meetings were held. “Dance and Science 1” and “Dance and Science 2” mapped out the state of affairs in the field of dance research in the Netherlands. Reports on these two meetings were included in the VDO Bulletins of 1993 and 1994.
Translated by: Marc Arentsen

In 1994 Saskia Wieringa spoke about her research into images of femininity in Western theatrical dance. A discussion of this research can be found on this web site.
In 1993 Liesbeth Widschut gave a lecture about her reception research into how children experience a dance performance.
Translated by: Marc Arentsen