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Saturday April 9th 2016
‘Disclosure of the past’

Dance researchers try to disclose (historical) resources with various intentions and purposes. For instance to gather information about certain developments in a specific period. Or to gather material that may lead to a reproduction or a new interpretation of a choreography from the past.
Some aspects of this topic are highlighted during this symposium.

  • Jacq. Algra (journalist and dance scientist).
    At the moment Jacq. Algra is doing research on Dutch postmodern choreographers in the sixties and seventies, amongst others Paulien de Groot, Bianca van Dillen and Koert Stuyf.
    What inspired them en which choices were made by them concerning dance, music and theatrical scenery? With which artists they sought cooperation?
    She also focuses on the influence they had on contemporary dancemakers.
  • Justa ter Haar (Production manager, researcher and dramaturge, recently with Nicole Beutler) During an interview she will give insight in her work as a researcher at NB Projects and about the way Nicole Beutler discloses the past in het choreographies.
  • Peggy Olislaegers (choreographer and dance dramaturge, previously director of the Dutch Dance Festival, now artistic associate of Rambert Dance Company)
    Peggy addresses several questions:
    What do we learn from the repertoire of this British modern dance company? About the history of the art of dance in general and about that of Britain specifically? How can we trace that history en that specific repertoire?And also: what is archived? In the actual archive, but also in the bodies of the people involved. How is knowledge passed on?

    The presentation of the book ‘Unpacking performativity’ of Peter Sonderen will take place at the symposium.

    After the symposium we would like to have drinks with you at a cafe nearby.

    Symposium VDO Location: Artez dansacademie, Onderlangs 9, Arnhem

    Date: April 9th 2016 Time: 13.00 – 15.30 hour

    Language: English, discussion possible in Dutch

    Costs: members VDO free, non-members € 10,- Students € 5,- . Payment only in cash.

    Registration is compulsary: send an e-mail to verenigingdansonderzoek@gmail.com, Symposium April 9th.

    During the symposium, various editions of Dance Science in the Netherlands are available at a reduced rate.

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