Symposium 21 May 2017
Metaphors in Motion; making sense of contemporary dance
When watching dance, we can rationally look for a story or underlying concept, recognize the expression of emotions, or just enjoy the beauty in movement. But through the integration of body and mind, dance can also communicate in a more direct, physical way. Through processes of embodied cognition, we are able to make sense of movement by using metaphors and analogies. In this mini-symposium, held by the Dutch Society for Dance Research (Vereniging voor Dansonderzoek; VDO) we discuss how we can understand abstract concepts like time, love or thought through physical experience, as well as the way we make sense of abstract movement by relating its qualities to concepts we know.

The following speakers will shed light on this topic, combining perspectives from artistic practice, science and humanities:
Vicky Fisher (MA, PGCE) is an Affiliated Researcher in Multimodal Language and Cognition at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. She is an independent dance artist and and is currently developing an empirical research project investigating the notion of ‘dance as embodied analogy’.
Michael O’Connor (BFA, MA) is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and improviser. His research interests circulate around embodied cognition, metaphor, and post/contact practices.
Marcelo Evelin is a choreographer whose work Danҫa Doente will be performed in the evening. In his artistic work he investigates what dance can do as a form of language and expression, and how it can manifest itself as an embodiment of the human condition at this moment in time.

Immediately following the symposium, the new publication of the Society for Dance Research (VDO) Dance Studies in the Netherlands 9 will be presented. The volume contains articles on recent dance research in a variety of disciplines, ranging from artistic research and medicine to education and the humanities. It includes articles by Vicky Fisher and Michael O’Connor.

Language of the symposium: English
Moderator: Lotte Wijers

Regular tickets: €10,-
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It is also possible to combine the symposium with the performance Danҫa Doente (and have dinner at the festival centre). You can order tickets for this by clicking on the different options below:
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