The Dutch Society for Dance Research (VDO: Vereniging voor Dans Onderzoek) was established in 1990 to stimulate Dutch research, pure as well as applied, in the field of dance. It was an initiative of several individuals (dance lovers and researchers) who wanted to create a forum for dance research in The Netherlands. The Society has a broad definition of dance research. It is not linked to any specific academic discipline and includes historical and sociological research as well as research done in theatre studies, movement sciences,  and cultural studies that has ‘dance’ as its main subject. Both academic and applied research projects are of interest to the VDO.

The most important objectives of the VDO are the exchange of ideas, the dissemination of research results, and discussion. The VDO aims to facilitate contact between Dutch dance scholars  and to call attention to their work by presenting and discussing the findings of their research. This is done by the:
– publication of a collection of articles that present the work of Dutch and Flemish dance scholars. Dance Research in the Netherlands is published every two years;
– organization of a seminar once a year;
– digital announcements for national as well as international activities;
– maintenance of VDO website, which serves as an archive of  reports and articles concerning dance research in the Netherlands.

The VDO wants to be a forum for everybody who is involved in dance research, both in and outside the university, actively or as interested observer. Membership is open to everyone.